The Science Of Alcohol Test: Breath Alcohol Analyzer

December 3, 2022

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Alcohol is a liquid which contains very high flammable molecule properties and is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars. Some says that it was discovered during the egyptian civilization, while some differ and believe that it originated from China around 7000 B.C.

Alcohol & Breath Alcohol Analyzer


Alcohol is widely used in beverage. When technology becomes more advanced and motorised vehicle such as cars were introduced, there are reports of many incident associated with drunk drivers which lead to some deadly occurrence.

Due to these circumstances, experts have done many researches to determine how much alcohol can  a person consume before it can harm them and clouded their mind and judgement, and hence, the discovery of alcohol test.

How do they do it? They have discovered that whenever a person consume alcohol beverages, it will be absorbed into the person’s blood and later on penetrate into your lungs and brain. When that happens, the person will exhale alcohol which is present in their breath.

The Discovery Of Breath Alcohol Analyzer

Breath Alcohol Analyzer

After they find out this vital information, they began to find a way to create the first stable breathalyzer that could be used outside the laboratory. After many try and error, finally in 1931 a developer under the name of Rolla N. Harger has succeeded and named it as the drunkometer.

However, the device is not the same as our modern breath alcohol analyzer, in which it relies on a colour change which is caused from a reaction between alcohol in the breath and acidified potassium permanganate.

As years go by until 1958, another person named Robert Frank Borkenstein developed the first model of breathalyzer that we recognize in the present world. This marvel of a creation has helped the police force to enforce law towards irresponsible drunk drivers on the road.

Difference Between Breath Alcohol Analyzer, Hair Follicle Test, And Blood Alcohol Test

Breath Alcohol Analyzer

In the present world, there are 3 known methods to identify a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). They are breath alcohol analyzer, hair follicle test and blood alcohol test. What are their difference? Let’s find out what separates them from one another.

A breath alcohol analyzer detects traces of alcohol by the person’s breath. For example, if the person drinks alcohol, and later on is being tested for alcohol test, they are instructed to blow air at the device. The result duration will depend on how much alcohol that the person have drunk.

The next type of alcohol test is a hair follicle test, however, this method is usually used to detect evidence of drug use or misuse. How do they do it? By taking a sample of a person’s hair, which is different from both breath alcohol analyzer and alcohol test in blood.

The last one is the blood alcohol test. This test is usually available in hospitals only and is not portable like a breath alcohol analyzer. The doctors will take a sample of your blood and then check your blood for traces of alcohol.

In terms of accuracy, blood alcohol test has the highest accuracy, while a breathalyser is the most portable and accessible compared to the other types. Lastly, the hair follicle test trumps in terms of variety because it could also be used to detect drugs in your blood with only a hair sample.

Breath Alcohol Analyzer

Nevertheless, all types of alcohol test can be used successfully to determine the alcohol content in your body. Thus, if you want to view or buy a breathalyser, you may know everything about breathalyser first.