Medical Equipment Distributor Malaysia

November 2, 2021

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Looking for a medical equipment distributor Malaysia? Worried that you might not find any that would match your expectations?

Fret not, Malaysia is actually one of the leading distributors in this industry. We will guide you on how to look for a credible and resourceful one if you may check out the list down below!

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Medical Equipment Distributor Malaysia

Choosing the right medical equipment distributor requires some fine research and also the right advice from experts. 

Luckily, we can share with you 3 things that you should take note in choosing one:

1. Overall Experience

Your experience is very important.

The quality and services of a certain distributor are defined by their experience and general market value, which may be quite useful in selecting a trustworthy distributor.

You may use the internet to find the best distributor by visiting their official website to learn more about their products and services.

To receive the best products and services, it is critical to read the reviews and ratings of the products that are available on the internet.

2. Quality Commitment

The best service provider will ensure that they are committed to provide top-notch services.

It is necessary to verify if the distributor is offering the highest quality equipment in accordance with market requirements and regulations.

There are various distributors who offer higher technology equipment that is created with the current market’s needs in mind.

It’s always a good idea to do some research on the brand and its quality.

You may easily search the internet for a reputable medical equipment supplier who can provide you with excellent services without sacrificing quality.

3. Better Delivery System

Another thing you must ensure is that the company’s delivery system is one of the best ones in town.

It is critical that things are delivered on time so that your demands and expectations shall be met.

Prior to selecting a distributor, you should look at an inventory management system that can offer you with sufficient tracking information for your shipment.

You can inquire about international deliveries from the distributor of your choice, but make sure to double-check that the carrier provides enough security for your product.

There have been countless cases in which ordered items have been damaged and destroyed during the shipping process.

Ideal Nauticare: Medical Equipment Distributor Malaysia

Ideal Nauticare, INC is a medical equipment distributor Malaysia that has been the choice of many esteemed clients.

The team at INC appreciate the need for correct labelling because tankers and freighters do not have physicians on-board.

According to the IMGS requirements, every medicine purchased from INC is labelled with the expiration dates, directions for use, and its generic names.

A certain kind of medicine is unavailable in a certain country? INC understood the assignment and they got it covered!

Each country has its own regulations regarding medicine, the staff at INC will ensure that you receive the closest substitute for the needed medicine.

INC’s pharmacists are highly experienced and committed. They will ensure that all medicines sent to your ship match the IMGS requirements and specifications.

All of your purchases are recorded so best believe, INC will always be ready if you want to stock up! All for a very minimum charge. Sounds worth it!


What’s awesome about Ideal Nauticare is that they are not only one of the best medical equipment distributor Malaysia, they also provide key medical products such as:

i. Urine Drug Test


The test kits are available according to your needs; be it for a simple rapid screening process or to detect drug abuse.

These test kits are lab accurate and ideal for reasonable investigations.

ii. Alcohol Test

INC provides two kinds of products to conduct the alcohol test via saliva or breath.

For the saliva alcohol test strips, it is very easy to use without additional, complicated tools and the result comes out in 2 minutes.

While the alcohol breath analyser, it is safe and easy to use while offering precise results.

iii. ALLTEST Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test


The saliva test is an antigen test that detects proteins on the surface of the virus.

Available in individual packs and professional packs. This kit also comes with 2 types of test which is oral fluid and nasal swab.

iv. Vitalfour First Aid Kit

A first aid kit will always come in handy especially in dire situations. This kit comes in 5 sizes: Large, Medium, Small, Personal, and Mini.

In conclusion, you now know a little bit of what to consider when looking for medical equipment distributor Malaysia!

The best one we would recommend is if you need to get a Medicine Chest certification, you may consult Ideal Nautical.
Ideal Nautical provides a holistic and a wide-range of services including medical disposal and nationwide medical supplies.

Marine Department Malaysia (MARDEP) has recognised Ideal Nautical as a maritime pharmacist to undertake Medicine Chest Inspection on vessels for certification.

Their knowledge of maritime medical requirements and regulations guarantees you the best certification experience possible!