Offshore Medical Checkup: What, Why, and How

March 18, 2023

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In this article we will discuss about offshore medical checkup. The sea is often associated with peace and calm, but that is not the truth for the most part because it is actually very harsh and unforgiving for those who are willing to go toe to toe with it.

If we put a normal citizen on a boat in the middle of the ocean, what are the chances of him being able to survive? The odds are very slim because thunderstorms could eat the person alive. 

That’s how harsh the sea really is. This condition happens due to the influence of the weather around the sea as it will determine the state of the sea whether it will construct small or big, dangerous waves.

However, there are people who love to live or work on the sea. The reasons may differ from one another – some love the challenge, while some have already associated his entire life with the ocean.

For those who want to work on the sea, there are several types of requirements that you need to fulfil depending on the type of offshore jobs that you want to apply for in the company.

However, there is one thing that is needed in all kinds of offshore jobs that people want to apply for, and that is to pass the offshore medical checkup. If the term is foreign to you, let’s find out what, how, and why it is needed.

What is Offshore Medical Checkup?

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An offshore medical checkup is a series of tests that doctors will do to the participant in order to determine whether he or she is physically and mentally healthy or not.

The series of tests will differ depending on the amount of tests that the company is requiring you to get checked on. So, does the company cover you with the checkup expenses? The answer is no, you have to pay for the expenses.

That may seem unfair, but they have not yet employed you. Hence, their actions are justifiable. However, there are several exceptional cases where the company pays for the entire cost.

For example, several companies will pay for the cost of medical offshore test for their workers. Wait, does this mean that it has its own expiry date? The answer is yes, and we will explain it to you in the later section.

Why Is It Required?

There are several reasons that made this offshore medical checkup to be compulsory, and it is because of the right reasons. One of them is for ensuring your own safety.

Imagine not being physically and mentally capable on the field. The stress from the job may drain you especially if you are not mentally fit. You being sick or injured on the field may cause inconvenience to the rest of the crew.

That’s not all of it.  The result of offshore medical checkup  will also help doctors to detect any signs of diseases that you may probably not even know existed in your body.

With this early discovery, you can get  necessary treatment in order to avoid the potential disease worsen. Remember, early detection is very detrimental in any disease related cases.

How To Register For Offshore Medical Checkup

offshore medical checku

As we have mentioned above, an offshore medical checkup has its own expiry date. A current employee in any offshore company is required to take the test again after two years.

So, how can you get tested for an offshore medical checkup? It is very easy. All that you need to do is to go to your nearest certified clinics that provide this kind of checkups. If you don’t know where to register, you may contact us or WhatsApp us for consultation and test.