Know All The Things You Need To About Breathalyser

November 25, 2022

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The modern era has shown their advancement especially in terms of medical science and technology. Thanks to this advancements, countless amount of lives are saved from various kinds of disease. With that, the medical devices are getting more advanced as well including the breathalyser.

For your information, doctors have invented a way to measure your BAC since the early 1930’s. As the years have progressed, they have also found that the alcohol content in your body can be measured through various ways; one of it is by your own breath.

Are you familiar with the device that is called a breathalyser? If you have not heard of this device, it is probably because you are not a drinker or you are oblivious about it’s existence. Either case, this article is good for you to gain some knowledge about breathalyser which is one of the breath alcohol analyzer.

What Is A Breathalyser?

For first timers who have not heard about a breathalyser, they might have a slight idea about how the device does from it’s name. It is a combination from the words ‘breath’ and ‘analyser’. It also has other names such as alcohol tester or drunkometer.


As derived from it’s name, it is a device that is capable to measure the amount of alcohol in the body by using the person’s breath, which also known as the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). This device is commonly used for drivers who are drink driving.


However, one of the facts that you need to know is that a breathalyser’s result is only accurate if it is done within 12 hours of his last drink, while some others may have lower metabolism rate, which metabolises the alcohol in a much slower rate, sometimes double the average duration.


A breathalyser test is not the only way for you to perform an alcohol test. You can perform a urine test, hair follicle test, and the most conventional method which is the blood test. To know the comparison between all of these types, you can click on this link. (4th article)

Why Is It Important?


Most people tend to be sceptical and thought that it is not important to know how much percentage of alcohol in their body because in the end they have achieved the goal that they have wanted, which is being drunk.


It is important to know because a drunk and disorderly driver can impose a heavy risk on the road, which may eventually lead to unwanted accidents. Furthermore, too much alcohol percentage in your body is bad for your health in the long run. Thus, it is important to know if it is too much.

How To Use It?


It is actually really easy for you to use a breathalyser if you want to try it someday. You can use it by following these 7 easy steps:

  1. Attach a mouthpiece to the breathalyser.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. Wait until the display says “blow”.
  4. Blow air into the mouthpiece around 4 seconds. You will start to hear a long, steady beep. Do not stop blowing until the beeping stops.
  5. The breath sample will be analysed for a few moment.
  6. The result will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Wait until the light turns off, and turn it back on if you want to perform another test.


Pretty easy, right? Those are all the main things that you need to know about breathalyser. To know more about other medical equipment and supplies, you can click on this link or WhatsApp us for more information.