4 Types of Emergency Medical Services You Need To Know

February 16, 2022

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This article is about 4 types of Emergency medical services Malaysia you need to know and when this kind of emergencies happen, who should you ask for help?

No one expects whenever a dire situation can befall towards any unfortunate worker in the workplace. A simplest tumbling may cause the person to hit his head on the floor or any blunt or sharp objects.

When this kind of emergencies happen, who should you ask for help? The medical safety officer is the one that you will look for. They will call an EMS to save the patient’s life. But what does EMS stands for? It is called as Emergency Medical Services.

However, do you know that there are different types of EMS in Malaysia? Lets find it out together.

What is Emergency medical services Malaysia (EMS)?

Emergency medical services

Emergency medical services are provided to a patient in need of an out-of-hospital acute care and transport to definitive care on the spot, towards patients who suffers from dire illnesses, or injuries which the patient believes it as an medical emergency situation.

EMS contains a very thorough system where all of the components created in the system is designed with an essential role so that they can perform as part of a coordinated system of emergency medical care. Why? Because every second counts in an emergency situation.

The system of emergency medical services consist of the following:

 Transportation and communications networks

 Trauma systems, hospitals, trauma centers, and specialty care centers

 An informed public that knows what to do in a medical emergency

 Highly trained professionals, including volunteer and career pre-hospital staffs, physicians, nurses, therapists, admins and government officials

 Rehabilitation facilities

 Agencies and organisation on both private and public sector.

So many different components, right? It is because whenever a real emergency occurs, all of these components will act as they are told so that all of the work spent to make sure that the patient receives immediate care is prioritised.

Types of EMS

Emergency medical services Malaysia consists of different types which is designed especially for different situations such as the following:

Government EMS

Government EMS is created and operating separately but still alongside the fire and police service of the area. This institution is funded by local or national government. This service from government’s emergency medical services Malaysia will usually be available in big cities such as KL.

Voluntary EMS

These form of EMS is supported by certain types of NGO’s which provide emergency and patient transport function towards those who are needed nearby their area. Furthermore, there are certain NGO’s who only focus on providing a functional ambulance for the community.An example of a voluntary EMS is the Red Cross which is available in all over the world. They will usually be seen providing medical support to the full-time ambulance crews during emergency.

Fire or Police Linked Service

For certain situations that needs the service of firefighters or the police force, it will fall under this type of EMS. This service is usually situated in rural areas due to cost effective factors. Depends on the gravity of the emergency, these organisations will coordinate and work together so that they will resolve the emergency as efficient and quickly as possible.

Type of Ambulance in Malaysia (Private Ambulance Malaysia)

If you are working for private companies who have their own subscription of private ambulance service, then commonly they will not use the EMS from the government. However, they will usually provide only the patient transport element of ambulance care.

Furthermore, if a full-time emergency ambulance crews are too busy to take care of it, then they will step in to respond to the emergency. It is commonly used for large events such as sports, parades, concerts, or conventions.

Those are the types of emergency medical services Malaysia has to offer. However, if you are looking for an organisation that provides this kind of service to your company, you can click on this link.