List of First Aid Kit Essentials That You Need To Know

February 28, 2022

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This article will explain to you about all the things that should be available in the list of first aid kit.

In a case of a health emergency, a first aid kit is the first line of defense that can determine the patient’s wellbeing. Every case of emergency has its own different variants such as loss of blood, physical trauma, allergic reaction, organ failure, skin problems, and many more potential issues.

Thus, there is a list of first aid kit essentials that needs to be available so that the patients that need these essentials can be used on the spot. However, what are the essentials that is available in the list of first aid kit? Let’s find out together by segregating it in terms of different settings.

First Aid Kit at Home

When we talk about first aid kits at our home, we should first know if any of our families have a condition that needs a specific medical appliances such as epinephrine in a case of allergic reaction.

If your families do not have any allergic reaction, then you should usually only have a list of first aid kit that is designed for treating minor traumatic injuries such as:

1. Cuts

2. Abrasions

3. Stings

4. Splinters

5. Sprains

6. Burns

7. Strains

You can either buy a set of readily made first aid kit, or you can customize it by yourself depending on the personal needs of it in case of emergency. You can purchase it at your nearest pharmacies. These are the list of first aid kit that you can have for your home:

1. Anesthetic spray or lotion to treat itching rashes or insect bites

2. Bandages to wrap sprained or strained joints and also to wrap open wounds

3. Adhesive bandages (all sizes)

4. Adhesive tape

5. Exam gloves for infection protection.

6. Polysporin antibiotic cream

7. Nonadhesive pads (for wounds and burns)

8. Pocket mask for CPR

9. Safety pins

10. Scissors

11. Triangular bandage

12. Tweezers for splinter

13. Resealable oven bag to contain ice

14. Sterile gauze pads

First Aid Kit for Travel

For travel purposes, the list of first aid kit is a bit different because you are on the road. Some situations also might happen during nighttime. Thus, here are several things that you may need for this kind of first aid kit:

1.Manual regarding First Aid Kit

2. Adhesive tape

3. Antacid

4. Antidiarrheal

5. Antihistamine cream

6. Antiseptic cream

7. Sterile gauze pads

8. Cigarette lighter

9. Adhesive bandages

10. Diphenhydramine

11. Cough syrup

12. Dental kit

13. Flashlight

14. Exam gloves

15. Insect repellant

16. Moleskin

17. Ibuprofen

18. Oral decongestant

19. Polysporin antibiotic ointment

20. Scissors

21. Sunscreen

22. Tweezers

23. Safety pins

24. Thermometer

25. Nonadhesive wound pads

26. Knife (preferably swiss knife type)

27. Personal medications

First Aid Kit For Workplace

Workplace is also a place where any bad or unwanted emergencies occur. Emergencies ranging from light injury to heavy injury may happen and it’s paramount for you to be prepared with this kits:

1.Sterile eye pads

2. Non-sterile 4×4” gauze pads

3. Sterile 4×4” gauze pads

4. Triangular bandages

5. Elastic bandage

6. Roller bandages

7. Cold pack compress gel

8. Disposable gloves

9. Burn dressing

10. Adhesive tape

11. Alcohol prep pads

12. Cetavlon

13. Barrier device for CPR

14. Cotton buds

15. Sterile multi-trauma gauze

16. Stainless steel scissors

17. Thermometer

18. Safety pins (all sizes)

19. Elastoplasts

20. Waterproof waste bag

21. First Aid Manual

22. List of all inventory contents

Those are all you need to know about what kind of apparatus that you need in a first aid kit depending on different settings. If you are looking for the most efficient supply and delivery of medical and medical equipment, you can click on this link