5 Reasons Why Medical Waste Disposal Is Absolutely Vital

August 20, 2021

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Did you know that due to the pandemic, the percentage of medical waste disposal has shot higher than it has ever been before?

The number of masks being discarded so freely which can be seen floating on the rivers, puddles on the road is devastating.

Not only that, there are other clinical waste (such as syringes used for vaccination!) that also contributes to the disposal of medical waste.

Read on to find out why it is absolutely vital that these medical waste are disposed of properly.

What Is Medical Waste?

medical waste disposal

This is a very important question if we are to identify what constitutes a medical waste.

So medical waste is any waste generated as a by-product of healthcare work in doctor’s or dentist’s offices, hospitals, and labs.

Any item that may come into contact with the body during diagnosis, research, drug administration, or any other sort of treatment is included.

These waste have a high possibility to be infectious and contagious due to its close contact with contaminated body fluids.

Types of Medical Waste

medical waste disposal

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are a few classifications which embody the term medical waste which some are listed below:

  • Pathological waste

Tissue, body parts, blood, and bodily fluids from humans and animals.

  • Infectious waste

Infectious or contaminated materials.

  • Genotoxic waste

Carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic hazardous toxic waste or cytotoxic medications.

5 Reasons Medical Waste Disposal Is Crucial

medical waste disposal

Below are 5 reasons to demonstrate the crucialness of medical waste disposal:

  • Hospital brand and people’s perception

It is worthwhile to note that people’s perception will ultimately affect the brand of a medical organisation.

In today’s society, we place a greater emphasis on environmental protection.

Increases in investigative reporting means if medical waste is not managed appropriately, people will be bound to find out and hold you accountable.

  • Community at risk

As it is done commonly, medical waste is transported and disposed of in landfills.

This is a direct threat to those in the vicinity as the medical waste would release toxic compounds into the air, land, and water.

Due to the fact that many of these compounds have a long half-life, they can take hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade.

During this time, there will always be a surge in waste disposal which ultimately contributes to the increase in contamination.

  • Threat to human population and wildlife

Most of the waste we observe will go out into the ocean and this is very dangerous when the sea life absorbs it.

Why is this dangerous? Well, it affects the food chain, of course. In a way that the fish that you eat becomes poisonous instead of giving you nutrients!

Medical waste in the water system exposes wildlife to the toxic effects of medical waste compounds. This is all very detrimental to the ecosystem.

In which can cause birth deformities, general health problems, and exposure to potentially deadly infections in both wildlife and humans.

  • Supply of water

As discussed earlier, medical waste finds its way into the water system if it is not properly disposed of. It seeps into the groundwater after soaking through the soil.

This groundwater then runs into springs, streams, and rivers throughout the area. It doesn’t end there, though. Medical waste has the potential to spread far beyond the landfill site.

Imagine, at some point, this is the same water that will become our drinking water. It can’t be decontaminated using traditional methods.

Thus, humans who utilise this contaminated water for drinking and food preparation are at risk.

  • Observance of laws and regulations

Medical waste is legally mandated to be disposed of on a regular basis so that it does not accumulate within a facility.

Any facility that produces regulated waste must also have a clearly defined medical waste processing plan in place.

Before being disposed of, regulated medical waste is carried to an approved autoclave treatment facility for sterilisation.

Penalties and fines shall be imposed to those who would not oblige.

Best Medical Waste Disposal Service In Malaysia

Speaking of penalties, Malaysia is rigorous regarding the matter of medical waste disposal such as dangerous drugs like Morphine and Midazolam.

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medical waste disposal

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In conclusion, medical waste disposal is very crucial and it must especially be done so with care considering the environment and the people around.

You’re preoccupied with taking care of your patients and running your practise.

You’ll need a licenced waste disposal provider you can rely on to make disposal simple and straightforward.

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