Medical Equipment Supplier: Top 7 Suppliers in Malaysia

July 30, 2021

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Did you know of any medical equipment supplier in Malaysia that is currently on the top list?

It is important to take note of legitimate sources of medical equipment suppliers to avoid future harm.

Malaysia actually has one of the best medical equipment suppliers if you may check out the list down below!

What Does a Medical Equipment Supplier Do?


Have you ever wondered what the term “medical equipment supplier” meant?

Typically, these medical suppliers or companies provide what is known as durable medical equipment (DME) to individuals who require it.

These are often items that someone would require after being released from the hospital or for long-term care at home.

A medical equipment supplier can also aid the patient in obtaining the necessary equipment.

Some of them would send employees to the hospital or the patient’s home to teach them how to use particular types of equipment.

medical equipment supplier in Malaysia

These types of equipment would include items such as feeding pumps and could also be how to get wheelchairs fitted.

Whether a patient has been in the hospital for a long time or has broken their limb, a medical equipment supplier is critical to their full recovery.

Breast pumps are now covered by most insurance providers, so mums with newborns can benefit as well.

A medical equipment supplier is also a valuable resource for those with specific requirements.

These special requirements may include cerebral palsy or diabetes, who may require specialised equipment and medical supplies.

7 Best Medical Supplier Malaysia

Ideal Nauticare - Malaysia Medical Supplies Company

In February 2015, Ideal Nauticare Sdn Bhd was founded in response to the Malaysian Marine Department’s declaration that the Malaysia Shipping Notice 8/2013 would be enforced.

The goal is to have a certificate of appropriateness of Medicine Chest on every ship travelling under Malaysian flag.

Their job is to serve and assist shipowners in meeting the requirements and criteria laid out in the International Medical Guide for Ships (IMGS 3rd edition).

As a result, Ideal Nauticare is here to assist shipowners in obtaining Medicine Chest certification from the ground up.

Under Ideal Nauticare, more than 500 boats have been inspected and received their Medical Chest Certificate to date.

Having three retail pharmacy outlets in Port Klang, Shah Alam and Kemaman, the company focuses on retailing of pharmaceutical healthcare and personal care products.


Medshop offers an unrivalled and cutting-edge selection of medical diagnostic, consumable, and educational items.

Founded in 2005 as an online medical supply firm with a focus on nursing students and other allied health professions.

Medshop has transformed the way consumers can get important medical products by utilising and improving e-commerce platforms.

Be Health

Behealth Medical Supplies began operations in the state of Selangor in August 2015.

Actively supplying high-quality medical devices, instruments and equipment to all major hospitals, pharmacies and the likes since its inception.

Behealth Medical Supplies believes that high-quality products and exceptional customer service are the two most important components in the company’s success.

Their highly qualified personnel are always available to assist customers in making the finest medical decisions.

IBS Medic

IBS Medical Equipments was founded in 2016 and currently employs 30 people.

Malaysia being the company’s headquarter, the company has branches that are located in Myanmar and Laos as well.

IBS’s major services include sales, applications, and training for hospitals and private clinics.


Bumiputera-owned company, Raffmedica is registered with Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance (MOF).

Previously known as Raff Promedic Enterprise, the company was founded in late 2009 at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Hospitals, healthcare institutions, the clinical industry, home care, and the general public can all benefit from the company’s vast range of medical and healthcare products and brands.

Sunlife Medic

Founded in 2009, Sunlife Medic is a trade company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company deals with medical equipment and hospital supplies.

Sunlife Medic supplies to clinics, hospitals, medical centers, dialysis centers, pharmacies, nursing homes and other healthcare providers.

Medi Life

Medi-Life was founded in 2008 to meet the expanding demands of the Malaysian healthcare industry.

Medi-Life has been on an entrepreneurial journey of aggressive selling operations and obtaining the correct distributorships.

Apart from that, they also pave the way in marketing the latest medical innovations in Malaysia since its incorporation in 2008.

Medi Life takes pride in its capacity to supply high-quality products as customers would remember them as a spectacular and outstanding organisation if they achieve their purpose.

Medi Life aspires to generate the best value for consumers by being a whole solution provider with excellent after sales service, guided by a customer-centered mindset.

Medical Equipment Company in Malaysia

In conclusion, you now know a little bit about the top 7 medical equipment supplier Malaysia!

The best one we would recommend is if you need to get a Medicine Chest certification, you may consult Ideal Nautical. Ideal Nautical provides a holistic and a wide-range of services including medical disposal and nationwide medical supplies.

Marine Department Malaysia (MARDEP) has recognised Ideal Nautical as a maritime pharmacist to undertake Medicine Chest Inspection on vessels for certification.

Their knowledge of maritime medical requirements and regulations guarantees you the best certification experience possible!