4 Reasons Why Urine Drug Test Kit (UDAT) Is Mandatory

January 11, 2023

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This article will bring a matter why you need to do a urine drug test kit for your employee.

A company is what makes the world economy to be able to spin its wheel. When lots of companies thrive, so will the GDP of that particular country and it benefits the people around it.

As an employer, they need to make sure that everything works without a hitch. That means that the employer needs to curate almost all aspects such as their discipline, as well as their worker’s safety.


Why Urine Drug Test Kit is Mandatory

urine drug test kit

In terms of safety, providing a safe working environment for the workers is crucial. With the presence of recreational drugs, it is a no brainer that a company should have a urine drug test kit at their office to enable them to run random test at any time needed.

Some would argue that the merits of drug testing in the workplace is breaching the individual’s rights, but they are wrong. Let's find out 4 reasons why urine drug testing kits (UDAT test kit) at your company is mandatory.

1. Reducing Unwanted Accidents

urine drug test kit

Have you ever seen a person who is under a drug influence do their work? They tend to get sloppy and unable to fully focus on the task in hand.

Thus, the thing that worries employers at this moment is the safety of those around that particular employee because sloppiness can lead to unwanted accidents.

It was once researched by Alcohol and Drug Foundation Australia that 10 percent of office or job accidents are caused by an employee who is either an alcoholic or a drug addict.

When a person lacks focus, it will increase the risk of having accidents tenfold. That is why rules like driving under influence (DUI) were invented in the first place.

2. Ensuring Workers Safety

urine drug test kit

When we talk about safety, the worker’s safety is the main thing that they should prioritize on because they are part of the cog of a big engine. Without them doing their tasks, a company could crumble.

When an addict is working amongst your workers, they have the capability to harm the rest of your employees whether through physical force or verbal abuse.

Therefore, you should know by now that with the help of a urine drug test kit  in your office, it could prevent them from ever working in your office in the first place.

3. Reducing Absenteeism

urine drug test kit

Have you ever known anyone who is under any kind of drug? What are their common similarities? The most obvious is they are very lazy and the other part is that they are focused on their own high.

What happens when they become your workers? They will either not be at the office on time, or they will not show up at all. This could either way impact your company’s productivity.

The rest of your workers will be unsatisfied with the management due to letting this behavior keep occuring as well as increased workload because they are not present in the office. So, urine drug test kit is one of the indirect solution.

4. Increasing Office Productivity

urine drug test kit

For those who have already experienced an office that works like clockwork, then they should know how positive and fulfilling they would feel whenever they work in their office.

If you are a worker and you are being harassed verbally by your colleague who is under drug influence, surely it would affect your productivity, right?

With the presence of a urine drug test kit in your office, you can ensure that the productivity of the workers can be increased because safety means comfort, and comfort leads to a healthy office environment.

Those are the 4 reasons why is it mandatory to keep urine drug test kit at your company. If your employees still have not performed any drug tests and you are having doubts, you could buy a test kit or WhatsApp us for consultation.