3 Reasons Why Offshore Medical Check Up Are Important

December 30, 2022

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This article talks about what is offshore medical check up, assessing applicant’s fitness, the data recording and screening procedures.

All jobs come with risks and highly paid income jobs usually come with higher risks and hazards. Working offshore and being a seaman are among those that fit those criteria.

This kind of occupation will often require the workers to perform hard labor in a very challenging environment. Hence, high salary and usually are the profession of choice for young and unmarried adults .

However, did you know there are few criteria and requirements that they need to fulfill before they can work in these areas?

One of the most crucial requirements is they need to pass the offshore medical check (offshore medical test) up which can only be done at medical facilities approved by the government. Let’s find out 3 reasons why offshore medical check up is important.


What is Offshore Medical Check Up?

Offshore medical check up is an all-rounded health assessment consisting of consultation, physical examination as well as a complete report by the registered health physician.

A blood test is also performed, paired with a visual assessment, audiometry test, body fat analysis, pulmonary function test, resting ECG, and chest X-Ray.

That is the basic health screening that will be done for offshore medical check up. However, employers have a right to add any extra tests that they deem necessary to fit for the job such as cancer screening or mammogram.

Now that you already know elements of offshore medical check up, let’s discover the 3 reasons why an offshore medical check up is needed for working on a ship, petroleum site, or offshore oil rig.

1. Medical check Up for Offshore to Asses Applicant’s Fitness

offshore medical check up

The main reason that a medical check up is required is because they want to assess the applicant’s fitness level. You need to understand that they will be working in a hazardous environment such as a storm in the sea.

Thus, they need to know whether the applicant is fit to be qualified to work in such a challenging environment. Workers who are unfit, will not only harm themself but also others and may jeopardies the whole operation.

It is the company’s responsibility to ensure a safe environment for their workers and ensure to only hiring and selecting fit and healthy workers is one of the crucial steps to ensure and provide training using the first aid kit box.

2. Marine Medical Check Up to Record Data

offshore medical check up

Another reason why they want you to do it is because they want to record your physical data, for the right reasons. For example, if you have any allergy, they will have that information.

All these records are important to ensure that the right medication is administered without causing more harm to the patient/crew during an emergency situation.

Allergy reactions can also be responded well and fast and may save their life, thanks to the record from these medical checkups data.

3. Screening

offshore medical check up

Some companies have included drug screening as one of the parameters checked during a medical check up. Using illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine is prohibited for seamen and those working offshore as they need to be very sharp and alert when doing their job.

Simple mistakes may cause a deadly accident and not using illicit drugs is one way to avoid that. By having these screening, employers can eliminate the risk of hiring an addict.

Ultimately, all these 3 reasons cultivate one important thing which is for your safety as well as theirs. Thus, anyone who is interested to work offshore should perform a full offshore medical check up in the nearest registered medical center or medical practitioner.

However, for first-timers, you may have difficulty in finding a trusted medical organization to help them perform an offshore medical check up. Well, you do not have to look any further because you can WhatsApp us for the consultation.