4 Facts About Self Test Kits

March 3, 2022

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This article will explain to you about all the about the facts about self test kits and method of the test itself.

Nobody would have thought that the people around the world will suffer from a pandemic that has been going on for over 3 years already. Covid-19 was firstly discovered in Wuhan, China and it was spread through close contact. Ever since, it has spread worldwide and it has affected our life.

Subsequently, our daily routines and our method of approach in business and social life has been changed dramatically. The newer generations are not able to enjoy life previleges that older generation has experienced.

Many SOP’s have been established in order to set boundaries between the citizens in order to curb the spread of this pandemic. However, few people will bound to carry this virus regardless. Thus, lets discuss the 4 facts about self test kits.

1. Reduces the risk of widespread infection

People are also allowed to have a checkup at the nearest hospitals, but the risk of infecting other persons nearby will always be the main concern. Thus, self test kits is the most viable option in order to assure the safety of all other people.

Imagine if a person infected with Covid-19 virus was unaware and conducted his daily activities without any concern. The symptoms will be apparent sometimes on the first day and sometimes on the second day of infection.

When this situation occurs, their actions of going to different places will increase the chance of a widespread infection. However, if they see the symptoms and immediately quarantined themselves first and bought the self test kits, they could significantly reduce the chance of a widespread infection.

2. Two lines means positive

In a case where you have suspicion of getting infected with Covid-19 virus, you need to immediately get yourself checked by purchasing a set of self test kit. After you have done the necessary steps, check on the lines.

If you see only one red line located at C region, then congratulations, your test is negative. However, it is advisable for you to continue monitoring for other symptoms because there are certain cases where the test yeild a false-negative result.

Whereas if your test result ends up with a double line at C and T regions, then it is confirmed that you are infected with Covid-19 virus. You need to immediately inform the government officials and get yourself quarantined in your home if it is not too dire.

3. It can detect other mutated virus strain

For your information, the test kit is originally designed to detect nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is able to detect for strains Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Kappa, Lambda, Zeta, Eta, Loda, Epsilon, Theta, as well as Omicron mutated strain.

4. There are 2 different methods of test

Many people thought that there is only one way to perform the Covid-19 test which is through nasopharngeal swab by sticking the test buds into your nose. There are actually 3 ways to perform your Covid-19 test.

The other 2 methods are by performing a blood droplet from your finger prick to the release pad section of the cassette and by dropping your saliva into the pad section of the cassette.

However, it must firstly be transferred to the dillution buffer in the tube which contains covid antigen. After that, you need to wait at least 8-10 minutes for an accurate result to occur.

Those are the 4 facts about self test kits that you need to know. Remember, your fast actions to get tested may save your life and also other people near you. So, if you suspect yourself to be infected with Covid-19 virus and you want to buy self test kits, you can click on this link