4 Misconceptions About Medic Clinic

March 14, 2022

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This article will explain to you about 4 misconceptions about medic clinic versus hospital equipment.
Who could blame them? Accidents could happen at any point and it may affect their health and certain injuries from the accident needs immediate attention before it could turn out to be fatal towards the victim.
People will go to a hospital or the nearest clinic in order to get immediate medical assistance so that they can cure the ailment or injuries. However, there are certain misconceptions that people thought medic clinic could provide to them. Lets find out those 4 misconceptions.

1. Clinic has all equipments


Many people thought that any clinic nearby them has all the equipments needed to treat your diseases or injuries. However, it is not always the case. Each of the medic clinics have their own range of equipments depending on the owner of the clinic.

That is why sometimes when you go to a certain clinic and requests for an X-ray scan, they will answer that you need to go to a certain clinic who has the equimpent. The same situation applies for other equipments such as tooth surgery equipments.

2. Able to treat all types of diseases

This is the most popular misconception that patients have whenever they seek for assistance in regards to their diseases or injuries. They thought that a doctor is well informed of all types of diseases and they are able to treat it for you by providing necessary treatment.
This is wrong, because certain cases may require the doctor to seek for a specialist in that department. Most doctors are specialized in a specific field of treatment, while knowing only the general diagnosis of a certain disease.
For example, a patient who is infected with an STD related diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphillis, trichomoniasis, and others would go to the nearest medic clinic to seek for a cure.
However, the doctor in charge may only know the general symptoms of a specific disease, but they have no way to confirm which specific diseases does the patient suffer from. They will provide you with antibiotics, painkillers, and will write a letter of recommendation.
That letter of recommendation will serve as an access from you to go to the suggested facilities recommended by the doctor such as hospitals.

3. All Clinics are privately owned

Patients also has this misconception that all clinics are privately owned by the proprietor which is the doctor. It is false, because nowadays Malaysia also have a public clinic which is owned by the government.
Do you remember Klinik 1Malaysia? That clinic is not owned by the private sector. Instead, it is owned and subsidized by the government during the ruling of Najib Tun Razak, the 5th prime minister of Malaysia.

4. Medic clinic sells first aid kit

Our logic thinks that all medical facilities would be able to provide you with a first aid kit if you want to own it. Well, you logic is false because it does not work that way. So, how can you obtain your own first aid kit?
You can actually get it from a registered supplier nearby your area. You can purchase it for personal use or for for corporate use such as your office, airplanes, or ships.

This concludes the misconceptions that people have regarding medic clinic. If you are seeking for your own first aid kit, you can get it from a registered supplier by clicking on this link.