4 Shocking Facts You Need To Know About CPR and AED Machine

October 6, 2022

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A beating heart is what makes your body to stay alive as it pumps blood through your whole body.

When it ceases to pump blood, it would cause the person to have a cardiac arrest and suddenly collapse, causing panic all around the victim.

When a victim of a cardiac arrest begins collapsing, it is paramount for the people nearby him to help him by providing CPR and even better, operating an AED machine.

Facts About CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED Machine)

aed machine

Unfortunately, there are several factors that may not help the situation to be positive towards the victim.

One of the factors that are not helpful towards the cardiac arrest victims are unpreparedness, panic, and lack of knowledge.

Thus, lets explore deeper into this by discussing 4 shocking facts you need to know about CPR and automated external defibrillator.

1. CPR awareness rate is very low

It is sad to know that many bystanders do not even know how to properly perform a CPR towards the victim.

In USA, it is reported that as less as 1 out of 4 people in a community does not know how to do a proper CPR sequence.

This failure may increase the death toll of people suffering from a cardiac arrest.

People only watch as the victim’s life is slowly fading away and it is alarming to know this shocking fact.

Although AED machine price is quite expensive, but it is worth it to save your dear one’s life.

An alternative if you do not know how to perform a proper CPR is to use an AED machine.

You can get it by contacting an AED supplier Malaysia, but not many people knows an AED supplier Malaysia that provides a top notch AED machine, but we’ll get to that later.

2. Automatic External Defibrillator Is Not Automatic

aed machine

When you purchase an AED machine from an AED supplier Malaysia, you should know that it is named automated external defibrillator for a reason.

It is not automatic in nature, meaning that the electric shock would not discharge automatically, instead it is automated.

This means that you would still need to press the discharge button in order to deliver an electric shock towards the victim’s chest in order to resuscitate the body.

An AED supplier Malaysia can provide a simple guide for you on how to use it.

You should not use an AED machine for cardioversion procedure as those two things are very different. Know more about the difference between automated external defibrillator vs cardioversion.

3. Keep AED Pads Away From Body Piercings

As you probably know, metals are conductors of electricity. Thus, it is not wise for you to place the AED pads on the victim’s body piercings.

At least placing it an inch away from the metal is recommended, or removing the metal altogether.

You can purchase it to be placed in your home in case of an emergency as AED machine price ranges around RM6000-RM8000 and sometimes can be higher than that.

4. Using AED Is Much More Effective Than Just Doing CPR Without An AED

Yes, this is not a well known fact that most people know about whenever they encounter an emergency case.

Some people thought that it is safer to perform only CPR on the victim, but they do not consider the rate of survival when they only rely on chest compression CPR.

Research that has been done has shown that the survival rate of victims under CPR and AED shocks has a shocking result of 40.7% higher as compared to those using chest compression CPR alone which is only at 7%. Clearly AED does provide a huge chance of survival.

Those are the 4 shocking facts that you need to know about CPR and automated external defibrillator. If you are seeking for an AED supplier Malaysia to provide the best quality of AED machine, you can click on this link or WhatsApp us for more details.