5 Important Locations To Place Your First Aid Kit

October 17, 2022

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Have you ever been in a situation where you or someone that you know injured and need immediate medical assistance? It happened to me one time in my home.

First Aid Kit

Some times ago, we had guests and while we were chatting at dining room, one of his son who was not under any supervision had a small cuts and bruises after accidentally felt down while playing in front of our house.

We are a quite panic and to make the situation worse, we dont have first ait kit at home and the best we can do during that time was only  clean the cuts and bruises with tap water and antiseptic soap.

5 Important Locations To Place Your First Aid Kit

In order to avoid this kind of situation from happening again, We should consider to have first aid kit within our reach. Lets find out 5 important locations to place the first aid kit.

1. Vehicle


The possibility to get Injuries is  prabably high when you involved in an accident, either light or heavy injury. For example, you could suffer from a heavy cut due to accident involving your car with another driver. Bleeding is something you need to attend immeadiately to prevent shock.

Another example is when your ship crews are hit with a heavy and blunt object on the ship. We can prevent it from getting worse by having a first aid kit in the vehicle, subsequently increasing the survival rate of the victim.

2. House


A house may seem like the safest place that you can be, yet the truth remains that calamity is present anywhere, even in your own home. There are various cases where the owner cuts his own finger while cooking.

Other cases involved in the house includes diarrhea, food poisoning, swelling, and other minor injuries. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to be able to treat this minor injuries without needing to go to the clinic or hospital.

3. Cabin


For most cabin owners, they will build their cabins in their farms or in a secluded property and often far away from the town or city. Living alone in the woods has its own downside which involves their wellbeing.

Whenever the person living in the cabin suffers from any kind of injury, it will be difficult for him to go to the nearest clinic or hospital. Thus, having a first aid kit is very helpful to solve any minor injuries, even snake venoms if the person have the right antivenom in the kit.

4. Office


Do you think that your desk job in your office is safe and does not need a first aid kit? You are wrong because it is better to be safe than sorry. It is reported by International Labour Organization (ILO) that there are around 340 million occupational accidents yearly.

With a huge amount of cases like this,  you would be a fool to think that no one inside your office at one point will suffer from any kind of injury or sickness.

5. Schools


Parents with school kid, must realised that kids spent almost 30% of their daily time at school. Therefore, the probability of injury to happen in school is very high as kids are physically active at school and their excitement might turn into small accidents.

Hence, parents need to make sure that this facility has this first aid kit in case of an emergency. They can implore the Parent Teacher Association (PTA/PIBG) to make sure that several first aid kits to be installed in several high risk area in the school compounds.

Those are the 5 important locations to place your first aid kit. If your still do not have any first aid kit in your house, it’s about time for you to get one and you can purchase the best quality by clicking on this link or WhatsApp us for more details.