4 Unknown Facts About Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation In Malay Culture

October 28, 2022

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Malaysia is a multicultural country which comprises with devotees of various religions. We have been living under one nation for quite sometimes and have been familiar with each races’s taboos.

However as a whole, Malaysian do shares common bad habits, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle such as sleep late,  and lack of physical activities

4 Unknown Facts About Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation In Malay Culture

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

This will eventually cause a bad consequence on their health. When the worst situation happen such as a cardiac arrest, performing a CPR will surely comes in handy.

But what if there are religion and cultural sensitivity comes in as barrier from performing such procedure?

Religious sensitivity may seem irrelevant in some country, but it could be a big factor in calculating a survival rate in  a country like Malaysia especially amongst its Malays Muslims citizen, especially when it come to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Let’s find out 4 facts about cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Malay culture that may surprises you.

1. There Are Still People Who Do Not Know How To Perform A CPR

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

This is maybe shocking to some people, but finding of a survey conducted by researchers in 2019 shows that among 393 participants, only 27% of the respondents have not attended any CPR training.

This result shows that there are large numbers of Malaysian are incapable to conduct CPR, and it is quite a troubling facts, especially if there any emergency cases arises in public area.

2. Devout Muslims Hesitate To Touch Another Non-Mahram People

Naturally, a devout Muslims will keep themselves from touching another gender. This is simply part of Islamic teaching to maintain human modesty and to show respect to opposite gender.

However, in a case of emergency or in a situation where life is at stake and cardipulmonary resuscitation is crucial to be done,  we are allowed to do it ie touching victim regardless of their gender.

Sadly, there are those who adamant on not touching the victims just because they are not from their family members (which makes them non-mahram).

This way of thinking need to be corrected from a very conservative and conventional Muslim as saving one’s life is part of Muslim responsibility.

3. Unpreparedness

It is understandable that most people are too busy handling their own problems, however this is also exactly the main cause of unpreparedness amongst Malaysian communities.

To back up this statement, we can observed that not many offices are willing to spend time and budget to conduct CPR training for their employees in order to be prepared for any emergency cases.

This is very different we are talking about seaman, where it is compulsory to have the CPR training before they are allowed to go onboard. It always better to be prepared than to be sorry.


4. Malays Are Lacking Training

If you are well versed and have a knowledge on CPR, why dont you try this simple exercise. What you need to do is simply ask  10 of your close friends or relatives to perform a CPR.

They are most likely doing it the wrong way! They usually claimed that they know how to do it as they have watched people doing it many times on movies or tv series, but they have never actually do it on a real person or on a mannequin. And usually, it is harder that it seems.

The same study in 2019 has reported that the knowledge among local college students regarding hands-only CPR is very disappointing.

This clearly shows that awareness regarding cardiac arrest in malay culture is at an alarming rate and something need to be done about it.

Now that we know about these 4 facts about cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Malay culture, what could we do to change it?

Well, firstly, we could  try our best to raise awareness regarding CPR so that more people who claim to know it will really know how to do it.

Sure, death is inevitable for all kinds of life, but we should try our best to save a life especially if it is our loved ones.

However, the chance of survival rate regarding heart cases may increase by using an automated external defibrillator or contact us for any help.