What Is External Automated Defibrillator And Its Importance To The Society

September 23, 2022

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This article will discuss regarding what is external automated defibrillator for and how can it benefit the society.

Health is a very important thing to focus on in order to live your life to the fullest. However, no matter how hard you try to stay healthy, there are times where your heart gave up on you. This situation requires immediate attention from the people around you.

In a recent article in The Star on 25th March 2022, Khairy Jamaluddin who is currently the health minister of Malaysia has declared to install around 100 external automated defibrillator in public facilities by 2025. External automated defibrillator also known as AED.

A cardiac arrest is a common issue that has been taking the lives of many family members. Thus it has been the main reason that Khairy Jamaluddin has made this move to ensure the survival of anyone who is in need of immediate assistance, but what is external automated defibrillator?

What Is External Automated Defibrillator ?


To those who are not fully well versed in the medical business, not many people will know what is external automated defibrillator. It is a device designed to save the lives of people who experience a sudden cardiac arrest.

The device contains microelectronics and electrodes made to jumpstart a patient’s heart whenever their heart stops beating suddenly. It also includes the control box casing in which all are made with materials that are biocompatible.

The control box of an external automated defibrillator is actually not that big. It is a small, lightweight, plastic case. The size of an AED is not that big as well.

However, don’t let the size fool you, because it can pack quite a punch! If you don’t have any idea how to use the device, read here how to operate an external automated defibrillator machine.

However, there are minor difference between substance usage and addiction. If we talk about substance abuse, there are many people who does this bad habit should be able to quit after doing some therapy or out of their own free will.

Addiction is something that should not be taken lightly. 

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People who have addiction mostly will not be able to stop using it even when it’s apparent that it causes harm to your body.


One external automated defibrillator can deliver an electric shock from around 30 to 400 joules, which is enough to do the job. The control box will usually contain an energy select control, a power button to turn it on, a charge button, as well as an energy discharge button.

However, how do a person that has zero knowledge on the device will be able to use it? Do not worry because it will be included with an instruction manual so that you can use it to the patient correctly without harming them instead.

It was reported that there were around 1141 total cases of people who were dead due to cardiac arrest and it is very alarming for the safety of Malaysian society. There’s no other way to sugarcoat it because Malaysia’s obesity is very bad.

In this year, a research has been conducted on 50.1% of Malaysian adults and has found out that 30.4% are classified as overweight and 19.7% are in obese category. Obesity is part of the huge contributor for people to suffer from a cardiac arrest, which is why an external automated defibrillator is needed in public areas.


The dangerous part of a cardiac arrest is that it could happen at anytime and anywhere, so it is best to always be prepared for the worst situations. An AED is definitely a necessary tool to be available in the workplace.

With the presence of an AED nearby your area, it could drastically increase the probability of survival. Thus, it is great if you have at least a basic knowledge on how to use an AED because you might not know that you may have to use it to save someone’s life in the future.

That concludes on what is automated external defibrillator and why it will benefit the society. If you are seeking to purchase an AED for your home or your workplace, you can get the most quality AED in Malaysia by clicking here  or WhatsApp us for more details.