Get Medical Supplies From 5 Top Suppliers In Malaysia

May 20, 2021

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Are you looking for high-quality medical supplies in Malaysia?

You are at the right place, as this article will provide you valuable insights on medical supplies and trusted suppliers in Malaysia that you can count on. So continue reading!

What Are Medical Supplies?

medical supplies malaysia

Medical supplies or armamentarium can be defined as the complete equipment of a physician or medical institution, including books, supplies, and instruments.

They are also known as the complete range of materials available or used for health purposes in the medical field.

Medical supplies are important in preventing, diagnosing and treating an illness or disease, as well as detecting, measuring, restoring, correcting the structure or function of the body.

There are a few types of medical supplies in Malaysia which include:

  • consumable medical supplies (disposable supplies)
  • diagnostic and testing supplies and equipment
  • durable medical equipment
  • acute care supplies
  • surgical supplies
  • home health care supplies
  • diabetic supplies
  • electronic and life-savinghigh-quality equipment 

These types of medical supplies possess their own unique characteristics with features that help them do the job that they are intended for.

For instance, consumable medical supplies are always disposable.

They are single-use and non-durable products. They are not only used by healthcare professionals but also by at-home individuals.

Medical supplies and equipment used to be primarily bought from local salespeople and company representatives that went from door-to-door. 

However, with the advanced improvement of technology, more and more of these products are being sold online in which most of them are directly from the manufacturers. 

Nowadays, many people and organizations prefer to get their hands on these products directly from suppliers due to the substantial cost savings.

Trusted medical suppliers in Malaysia

  1. Ideal Nauticare

Ideal Nauticare is a one stop centre for maritime’s medical equipment which always strives to provide the best service and high quality products to its customers. 

They are known to be a certified maritime pharmacist by Marine Department Malaysia (MARDEP) to conduct Medicine Chest Inspection on vessels for certification.

Their expertise in maritime medical requirements and regulation is guaranteed to deliver you the best experience for your certification needs.

Since there is an absence of an on-board physician in tankers and freighters, Ideal Nauticare prioritizes the importance of proper labeling.

Every medicine purchased from them is properly labeled with expiry date, direction of use, generic name according to the IMGS requirement.

Their highly trained pharmacists guarantee that all medicine sent for shipment meets the obligation and specification as required by IMGS.

They also keep track of customer’s purchases to ensure their next order is well-stocked.

Click here to find out more about Ideal Nauticare!

  1. Jimhans Medical

Jimhans Medical was established with an objective to serve the community of all walks of life by providing high quality and affordable medical products to hospitals and healthcare centres.

They offer a wide range of services in the fields of Endoscopy, Gastro-Enterology, ICU, Surgery, ENT, GP, Dermatology, Plastic, Gastroenterology, Urology, Gynecology, and Ophthalmology. 

One of the products you can get from Jimhans Medical is Capsule Endoscopy System which is used for small bowel detecting and screening.

This device comes in handy to detect abnormality in small bowel, chronic abdominal pain & diarrhea as well as small bowel tumor and obscure iron deficiency anemia.

Furthermore, Jimhans Medical also offers equipment and supplies for various industries including aesthetic clinics, beauty spas and hospitals.

Customers not only can seek repair and refurbishment services from them, but also regulatory services and consultancy. 

Jimhans Medical supplies to both government and non-government hospitals and has achieved over 100 regular customers in Malaysia and over 30 regular customers in Singapore. 

  1. Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn is another well-trusted medical supplier in Malaysia and has been on the leading edge of medical device innovation for more than 100 years.

Customers can get various medical equipment such as diagnostic tools, vital signs monitoring, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, laryngoscopes and many more.

With every purchase RM200 and above, Welch Allyn offers free shipping in peninsular Malaysia.

They also provide consumers with a step-to-step guide for online purchases via their website.

Some of their bestseller items include a Disposable Uniscope, CP 50 Printer Paper Z fold, FlexiPort blood pressure cuff and  FlexiPort blood pressure cuff.

  1. Alpha Biomedic

Alpha Biomedic is another credible malaysian medical supplier that offers superior quality medical equipment. 

It aims to serve the medical community with professional service, knowledge and dedication at reasonable and cost-effective rates.

Their clients are not only general medicine practitioners but also plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, obstetrics & gynaecologist specialists and pediatricians.

In addition, there are various brands featured by them including Rekseal, Hilak Plus Gel, Innomed, Sulcid, maxiderm and many more. 

Clients who wish to seek plastic surgery can reach out to them for advanced implants that are considered the world’s first and only ergonomic and smooth anatomical implants.

The implants provided by them prioritize customer’s safety above anything else and can be equipped with the QID Inside Safety Technology.

This technology allows customers to get information that they need about their breasts implants.

Not only that, another medical supply provided by Alpha Biomedic is all natural and chemical free ultraviolet air neutralisers. 

The UV light from the device denatures the DNA of  microorganisms and kills them instantly. It also effectively cleans the air and mimics the natural germicidal effects of the sunlight.

  1. Medshop

Founded in 2005, Medshop is an online medical supplier that targets nursing students and allied health professionals.

Their products and services offered are to all sectors of healthcare including; government, hospitals, universities, private practice, allied health, practitioners and the general public.

Founded in Australia, Medshop has successfully expanded their business across many countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The business has now been rebranded to accommodate their international trading status as a result of the expansion.

Furthermore, Medshop also managed to boast an unbeatable and innovative range of medical diagnostic, consumable, and educational products. 

The way consumers can get access to essential medical supplies has also been improved through their enhanced e-commerce platforms.

In addition, Medshop has also been recognized as Malaysia’s Leading Stethoscopes Supplier with a broad range of models and brands that cover all price rates!

medical supplies malaysia

In conclusion, medical equipment is important for specific purposes of diagnosing and treating diseases and rehabilitating diseases or injuries.

Looking for a supplier to supply your company’s medical needs but can’t decide which supplier to opt for?

We suggest you to start with Ideal Nauticare, the expert on medicines and medical equipment for various types of vessels!

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Our objective is to be the leader in the industry by delivering excellent customer service, exceptional value for money, and an unrivaled product range at a fair price.

We believe that excellent customer service is the key to a successful business, which is why we strive to provide the best service to our customers.

In addition, passionate, highly driven, motivated team members are the strength of our business. 

We also help you to safely dispose of dangerous drugs and all kinds of medicine at a reasonable price. We prioritize in keeping our sea safe for both human and marine life.

Therefore, the disposal process of medicine should be conducted by professional bodies like Ideal Nauticare and all the necessary documents needed will be prepared by us for you. 

Furthermore, other than providing 24-hour free medical consultation service to clients, Ideal Nauticare also provides medical education and training upon request.

Clients can also seek manpower medic supply as we provide on-site medical staffing and assist our maritime clients with relevant regulations.

We will provide the best service to suit your medical needs so contact us now to get high quality and reliable medical supplies!