Manpower Supply Malaysia: 5 Reasons Why It Is Crucial

July 14, 2021

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Many are not familiar with the manpower supply Malaysia and we are here to talk about it.

Post job vacancy – receive application – review application –interview – hire! This is a common perspective of how the public views the hiring and the recruitment process.

However, anyone who works in Human Resource Department or is involved in the recruitment process knows that it is not as easy as it seems.

The amount of time invested in reviewing mount loads of applicants and filtering out applications that do not fit the requirement is a challenge that employers face.

Thus, why some big companies turn to manpower supply to help them find the perfect fit for the role.

In this article, we will share with you some information about manpower supply in Malaysia and 5 reasons why it is crucial.

What is Manpower Supply?


Manpower supply or in layman’s terms is what we usually refer to as staffing agency or “temp service”.

This staffing agency primary business is to provide a bridge for
qualified workers and businesses that require their services.

Manpower supply caters to two types of clients, businesses who are looking for personnel with specific expertise and workers who are looking for opportunities.

Other than that, manpower supply Malaysia also ensures that workers on their recommendation list have the required skills and training to fill the role in client companies.

Hence, the reason why manpower supply Malaysia is viewed as an effective staffing partner that helps reduce time and financial expenditures while bringing in quality personnel.

5 Important Reasons of Manpower Supply Malaysia

1. Cost-effective


Manpower supply helps businesses reduce one of the largest expenses in the company, labour costs.

Businesses usually spend a considerable amount of time and money involved with advertising, recruiting, interviewing as well as training.

Engaging with manpower supply Malaysia reduces cost whereby all expenses for processing, administering payroll, benefits, and training are transferred to the staffing firm.

2. Reduce the burden

Tapping into the experience of manpower supply can greatly improve the hiring process for certain companies.

Key HR employees and relevant department managers can focus their time on hiring while the staffing firm will screen, test, interview, and check references of job applicants.

Plus, most manpower supply Malasyia will handle all the paperwork associated with new hires, this includes contracts, taxes, and other payroll tasks for the worker.

3. Minimize risks

Should demand falters or a project ends unexpectedly, businesses that hire temporary staff via manpower supply can lay off workers without affecting the company profit or rating.

This is because the workers are on the manpower supply Malaysia payroll. Therefore, any unemployment claims will not be the business’s responsibility.

Thus, reducing potential legal risks if a candidate is laid off.

4. Salary negotiation


Another reason why some companies prefer manpower supply Malaysia is because the staffing firm will provide candidates that are within the company’s expected budget.

Saving time and headache for companies from interviewing job applicants only to learn later on that they are out of the expected salary range.

These agencies help businesses acquire expertise and manpower at a competitive rate.

5. Flexibility

Manpower supply also allows businesses to become more flexible.

Businesses can get employees with expertise that is difficult to recruit for a limited-time project or for when they are only needed periodically.

When a professional and technical temporary worker is hired, it also helps reduce the load on permanent workers.

Reducing time on learning new skills and knowledge will help complete the project on time or even better, ahead of time.

This also allows permanent staff to focus on their core job which in turn will boost productivity and quality of work.

Get Manpower Supply Malaysia From Ideal Nauticare Now!

When choosing a manpower supply Malaysia for your business, it is essential to ensure that the agency that you will be working with fits your company.

Few factors to take into consideration are expertise in hiring for the role and the size of the talent pool.

Ideal Nauticare is a certified maritime pharmacist by Marine Department Malaysia (MARDEP).

As a one-stop center for maritime’s medical, Ideal Nauticare also provides on-site medical staffing or also known as Manpower Medic Supply for its customers.

It is a cost-effective alternative for businesses to hire qualified, experienced, and trained personnel at competitive rates without compromising on guidelines and requirements.

To conclude, manpower supply is definitely an essential service in Malaysia. It helps businesses save time, money, effort and remain flexible in the hiring process.

Other than Manpower Medic Supply, Ideal Nauticare also offers a wide range of services to the maritime industry and other sectors.

These services include Medicine Chest Certification, UDAT Onboard, Medevac, and many more.

Backed with an extensive year of experience in maritime medical requirements and regulation, Ideal Nauticare promises customers and clients a satisfactory experience.