3 Medical Device Classes in Medical Field

May 19, 2023

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This article will discuss about 3 medical device classes in the medical field and where to find a medical supplier Kuala Lumpur.

It is such a tremendous achievement for the medical field to be able to progress to the present state. If we compare it with the early days of medical discoveries, it is like night and day.

However, not many people are interested in learning about the medical field as it takes lots of effort and knowledge to be able to be called as a medical practitioner in the current era.

Despite that, one’s knowledge in such a field is not reserved only for them. In fact, any kind of knowledge that is beneficial for the human race should be shared with each other.

In terms of the medical field, the treatment of a patient is often paired with various types of medical devices that fits the situation and those devices have 3 different classes that separates them from one another. Let’s find out about it.

What Is A Medical Device?

For those who are involved in the medical field, a medical device is invented for the purpose of diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a medical disease or any condition that poses no chemical action or threat on any part of the body.

It is unethical to have devices that emit chemical reactions that may affect the health of a patient negatively. However, there is one particular medical device that may have an effect on your physiology which is the CT scan.

It is true that a CT scan can cause negative side effects such as being exposed to a type of radiation called ionizing radiation. It could damage the DNA in your cells and also could possibly increase the chance that it will turn cancerous.

Medical Device Classes

1. Class I Devices

emergency kit

A class 1 device consists of low-risk devices. Usually this kind of device will not pose any threat to the patient. The examples of a class 1 device are the bandages, non-electric wheelchairs, and handheld surgical instruments.

For most part, class 1 devices can be utilised by non-professionals and also can be found in first aid equipment. You just need a little bit of knowledge regarding first aid kits and you are good to go. Other device classes need to be handled by medical professionals instead.

2. Class II Devices

medical device classes

Different from the class 1 device, a class 2 device is labelled as an intermediate-risk device. It means that if a device in a class 2 category is mishandled, it could pose a threat on the patient’s health.

Examples of class 2 devices are infusion pumps for intravenous medication as well as computed tomography (CT) scanners. It is not recommended for a person with no knowledge on the devices to use it without professional actions.

3. Class III Devices

medical device classes

The third type of device is the class 3 device which are high-risk in nature. These types of devices are commonly used to maintain one’s health or to sustain the patient’s life.

Without the existence of a class 3 device, a patient’s life may be forfeited due to not being able to sustain or improve the health condition of a particular patient. The demand for this type of device from a medical supplier Kuala Lumpur is high.

Now that you are familiar with these 3 medical device classes, you should be able to differentiate which device that can be handled by yourself and which devices that can only be handled by the professionals.

Medical Supplier Kuala Lumpur

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