Know These 7 First Aid Equipment And When To Use It

May 8, 2023

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The medical field in the past was quite a trainwreck because the medical practitioners in the past have yet discovered new medical discoveries which eventually caused a lot of casualties.

What Are First Aid Tools (First Aid Equipment)

first aid equipment

However as time progresses, newer inventions were introduced to the society and it has surely resulted in more lives being saved such as the creation of AED machine and first aid equipment.

The most significant invention in the century definitely goes to the first aid equipment, as it is portable and serve as the mean to reduce the severity of  injury. Hence, let’s know these 7 first aid equipment and when to use it.

1. Tweezers

Have you ever heard or seen this type of first aid equipment? If you haven’t, then this is the opportunity to get to know it. Tweezers are one of the common equipment that are frequently used to treat patients.

Tweezers consist of two metals attached with each other, and have a sharp or narrow edge at the end of both metals. It serves as an extension of our fingers in the field of medicine.

You can use it to grab, place, grip, hold, or remove items that are too small or delicate for our fingers to manipulate. For example, people use it to remove splinters from their fingers.

2. Scissors

first aid equipment

Everyone surely knows what a scissor is. People not only use it in the medical field, but in their daily life as well. The difference between conventional scissors and medical scissors are their sizes.

For medical scissors, it appears to be smaller in order to be able to squeeze in narrow areas to cut the fabric that is stuck to the victim’s skin. Lastly, the blades will sometimes be bent in order to cut easier.

3. Bandage

A bandage remains to be one of the most important first aid equipment that you should have. It refers to a strip of woven material that serves as a function to bind up an open wound.

It also helps you to protect the injured part of your body from being exposed with bacterias that may cause infections that may be harmful for the patient’s current condition.

You should always use it whenever someone has suffered a sprain or open wound injury. Just wrap the affected areas with it and secure the wrapping neatly.

4. Gauze

first aid equipment

A gauze will always be paired with a bandage whenever someone suffers from an open wound injury. It is a thin, transparent fabric made of linen, silk, or cotton that is used for cleansing, packing, covering, and scrubbing the wound.

Open wounds need to be cleaned first in order to remove the bacterias that may enter the bloodstream. It is also often used to cover burned layers of skin if the victim suffers from a burn.

5. Cotton Swab

This is not the first time that you have used a cotton swab, isn’t it? Most people use it to remove earwax in their ear, but that’s not the only function that you can use for it.

In the medical field, this first aid equipment serves as a tool to rub it at the affected areas in order to disinfect the wound. The absorbent cotton at both ends can absorb liquid properties.

6. Tourniquet

A tourniquet is known as a tool to stop the flow of blood through an artery or vein and is achieved by compressing a limb with tight bandage or a cord. There are 3 types of tourniquet, which are surgical, emergency, and rehabilitation tourniquets.

As the name suggests, each type is used for their own specific situations. When the blood stops to flow through the affected area, it will help you to reduce blood loss. However, the compressed area will be numb.

7. Antiseptic

first aid equipment

Antiseptics is a type of disinfectant that is used to clean the wounds and helps to prevent the growth of disease-causing bacterias. Cotton swabs will be dipped with antiseptics in order to kill the bacterias that was exposed on the wound.

Those are the 7 first aid equipment and when to use it. If your company is interested to buy and replenish your first aid kit, you may contact us or WhatsApp us directly to purchase.