Find Out What Urine Test Can Detect

May 8, 2023

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This article will explain about urine drug test kit and what urine test can detect.

Have you ever heard the proverb “You are what you eat”? Once you consume something, most of the nutrients will be absorbed and converted into energy so that you can perform your daily tasks.

However when you consume it regularly without any control, it will probably lead to many health problems. For example, eating too much meat will cause your protein and fat levels to increase dramatically.

When this is overlooked, it will cause conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and other kinds of diseases. A way to detect various compounds in your body is by taking a urine test. Let’s discover urine test and find out what urine test can detect with urine drug test kit.

What Is A Urine Test?

what urine test can detect

As the name suggests, a urine test is an analysis of your urine in order to determine a specific compound in your body. Your urine will discharge or remove unwanted substances or excesses.

It also involves physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of your urine sample. The tests will usually consists of several tests to determine and measure many types of compounds that are present in your urine.

An alternative name besides urine test is called a urinalysis. Once the sample is taken, the examiner will analyze your urine in terms of its appearance, concentration, and content of your urine.

However, there are several cases where there will be unusual urinalysis results for the patient’s urine. For this case, more testing will be conducted in order to determine the source of the problem.

Why It Is Performed?

what urine test can detect

What urine test can detect? There are 3 main reasons on why a urine test is performed on the patient. The reasons are explained as follows:


  • To diagnose a medical condition – Whenever a person suffers from certain symptoms such as abdominal pain, frequent painful urination, blood being present in your urine, back pain or other urinary problems, the doctors will require you to take a urine test.

    The main purpose of the test for this particular reason is to help the doctors to perform proper diagnosis and finding out the prime cause of these signs and symptoms so that it could be treated immediately.

  • To check your overall health – A urine test will usually be present whenever you want to perform a routine medical check up or pre-surgery preparation. It is also used to detect any potential diseases that you may suffer from.


  • To monitor a medical condition – For cases where you have already been diagnosed with diseases such as kidney disease and urinary tract infection (UTI), your doctor will probably want you to perform a regular urine test so that they can monitor your condition as well as providing suitable treatment. 

What Urine Test Can Detect?

So, do you have any idea on what urine test can detect? If you still have no idea what urine test can detect, these are several problems that we could detect by performing a dipstick test to the urine sample:

  • Red blood cell urine test – To discover any trace of kidney damage, infection, kidney or bladder stones, and other types of blood disorders.

  • Glucose urine test – When sugar levels are tested in urine, it will usually yield a low amount of sugar to be detected. If they are able to detect it in your urine, you may need to take a follow-up testing to confirmed the diagnosis of diabetes.

  • Protein urine test – A normal test will usually result in low levels of protein being present in your urine. A small increase of the levels should not cause an alarm, but larger amounts of trace may indicate a kidney problem.

  • Urine pH level test – pH testing is performed in order to determine the amount of acid in your urine and it could suggest kidney or urinary tract disorder.

  • Ketones urine test – Ketone is a type of chemical that your liver produces in order to break down fats in your body. However, if any trace of it is present in your urine, then you may suffer from diabetes, so a follow-up testing is needed.

  • Bilirubin urine test – Bilirubin is a substance present in your bloodstream and flows to your liver to be removed and becomes part of bile. If a trace of it is present, then it might indicate liver damage or other types of disease.

  • Urine specific gravity (USG) test – Measures the concentration of particles in urine and the density of urine when being compared with the density of water. It could measure the functionality of your kidneys.
what urine test can detect

Besides that, a urine test could also detect foreign drug substances such as marijuana (THC), cocaine (COC), amphetamine (AMP), opiates (OPI, BZO), ketamine (KET), methamphetamine (MET), and methyle-nedioxy-metham-phetamine (MDMA).

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Since you know what urine test can detect, you should be able to know why doctor or our employer request  the urine test by now. If you are looking for a urine test kit Malaysia  for drugs, you can contact us or WhatsApp us for purchase.