4 Routines That You Should Do To Your Medicines

May 8, 2023

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This article will discuss 4 routines that you should do for your medicines and how to find medical supply Labuan.

Safety is one of the areas that an employee is looking for when applying for a job. Especially when working in a high risk job environment. Good employer or workplace will prepare all necessary procedures to prevent and to overcome the hazard when it occurs.   .

This would definitely cause uneasy feelings towards the workers if they know that the employer is not prepared for the worst and how to handle an emergency and this would affect the productivity of the entire production.

Apart from procedures, First Aid Kit should be made available at common area as preparation to attend hazard immediately. These will give assurance of safety to the employee.

However, poorly maintained first aid kit will not be able to serve this purpose well. As the required equipment or medicine might not in good condition to be use when in need. So, here are 4 routines you should do to your first aid kit.  So, here are 4 routines that you should do to maintain your first aid kit.

1. Check Your Medicines Inventory

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In Malaysia, there are lots of offshore companies that are working around the clock especially in  Kemaman and Labuan. These are amongst sectors that need to check their medicine stock on a regular basis.

When doing inventory checking, they should not only check whether the quantity is sufficient, but also to inspect signs of deterioration such as changes in colour or appearance of the medicine. This is very important as changes in color may indicate that the medicine is damaged and dangerous to be used. There are several cases where offshore companies in Labuan  faced  when the medicine is not available when they need to use it, all due to negligence of routine checking and no replenishment of medicine that is already being used.

Desperate, they will try to source  frommedical supply Labuan. However, these will definitely  result in heavy consequences as some conditions are time-based. Meaning, the severity of the condition is directly correlated with the time they get their first treatment or take the medicine. The classic example is a minor stroke. The faster the patient gets the anticoagulant, the higher the chances of the stroke to be reversible. 

So, that is why it is vital to do inventory checking of your medicine.

One way to do it is to keep an inventory list of all medicines that you have in your first aid kit. You should also have a log book of all the workers names, name of medicine, and quantity of it. Ideally, the inventory checking should be done monthly or at least quarterly in  a year.

2. Be Wary Of The Expiry Date

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It is imperative that you should also make sure that the person in charge would always check the expiry date so that the medicines would be effective and do not give any negative effects on the patients.

While taking  expired medicines would not necessarilymake you sick, you might as well not getting the expected outcome of the medicineIt is explained by medical experts that this is due to thethe potency of the medicine loses its effect after the exceed their expiry date hence does not achieve the result that was intended to cure the patient.

However, it is arguable that it depends on the individual’s immunity and tolerance on defected medicines as some may as well become sicker due to taking those expired medicines. So,  the person in charge should take note of this.

3. Label The Types Of Medicines

Do you know that time is of the essence whenever an emergency occurs in the workplace? As mentioned above, some condition is time-dependent. The outcome of the condition will depend on how fast they get the medicine. For example, in Heart Attack and Stroke case. So what happens when your medicines are scrambled and not properly labelled and stored?

It will cause confusion due to panic and loss of time which results in worse outcomes for the patient in need of the medicines. So what should you do to avoid this kind of situation?

Simple, you should just put a label on all medicines. What you can do is get a sticker of various colors that signifies a certain type of medicine and stick on all the medicines, which could separate each type just by using different sticker colors. The most important info on the label is the name of the medicine and its strength. This will prevent medication error especially during chaotic situations during an emergency. It is advisable to categorise your medicine according to its usage and separate the external and internal medicine. Sometimes, muscle liniment can be mistaken as cough syrup and can be fatal if accidentally ingested.

4. Store It In A Specific Safe Area To Avoid Damage


When you have done all the things above and already cover the issue of stock, labels and expiry date, what else could hinder all your effort of making sure that the medicines could still be used? It is the damaged or exposed medicines.

Medicines should be kept in a room temperature area without being exposed to sunlight or moisture. It is also important for you to make sure that it is safely placed in a safe lock in order to prevent unauthorised use of medicine..

Those are the 4 routines that you should do for your medical supplies. If you are an employer and looking for medical supply Labuan or Peninsula Malaysia, you can contact us or WhatsApp us directly for faster communication.