5 Substance Usage That Will Ruin Your Life

April 11, 2022

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A healthy life is what all people are aiming for. When you have a healthy body, your mortality rate will not be decreasing drastically, although all beings in life will surely meet its end eventually.

Despite that, all people strive to live longer to achieve things that they want to have. But what if the person is heavily under influence of illegal substance usage? All the efforts might go down the drain.

Sadly, these people who are under the influence of these drugs or substance do not realize the effect of it in the long run and will affect their work rate in the office. 

Thus, let us find out the 5 substance usage that will ruin your life.

What is Substance Usage (Abuse)?

When we talk about substance, the ones under influence will usually lie to them self that there are no harmful effects of being addicted to it. 

The fact remains that it will eventually affect how they operate in a daily basis as well as their health condition.

Substance usage happens when the addict uses alcohol, prescription medicine, drugs, and other illegal substances in large portions throughout their lifespan and not as recommended by the doctor who gives the prescription medicine.

What is Substance Usage (Abuse)

However, there are minor difference between substance usage and addiction. If we talk about substance abuse, there are many people who does this bad habit should be able to quit after doing some therapy or out of their own free will.

Addiction is something that should not be taken lightly. 

It is often identified as a disease that poses a very detrimental effects on your mind and body. 

People who have addiction mostly will not be able to stop using it even when it’s apparent that it causes harm to your body.

1. Cigarettes (Tobacco)

This type of substance is used by the majority of people in the entire world and have a devastating effects on the user’s health and those around them. 

The smoke that is emitted through the cigarettes will cause harm to the lungs when it is inhaled and causes cancer.

People who suffers with asthma cannot inhale this smoke because it will tighten up their respiratory tract. 

The chemical contained in a cigarette is called nicotine. It will make you feel a tiny rush of pleasure and energy when it is being used.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol has been consumed by many people all across the world. It is only illegal to Muslims and those who are under 18 or 21 depending on the state regulation. 

It will not cause you harm if you consume it once in a while, but it is different when you abuse it frequently.

People who becomes a heavy drinker will prone to have diseases such as liver cirrhosis and other health problems as well. 

You are an alcoholic if you drink more than 4 drinks in a day.

3. Marijuana

People who abuses marijuana often will be seen as sloppy, lazy, or forgetful. 

It is because its effects can make you feel silly and laugh a lot, forgetful, and tend to be very sleepy. 

This will result in a very unproductive lifestyle.

4. Cocaine

Cocaine users will always look like a hyperactive person because it speeds up your body. 

This means that the user will talk, move, and think in a very fast pace. A cocaine addict will seem full of energy.

However, using this substance may shift your mood from happy to angry very quickly. 

You may also feel paranoid, and very brave to do ridiculous things that you would not usually do. 

Lastly, it will make you crave for the sensation, leaving you addicted to it.

5. Heroin

You surely have heard of this drug. Heroin users will feel good and happy at first. However, it all changes when it wears off. 

The user will see that everything slows down, and it affects your movement and mind.

Once someone becomes addicted and did not receive the drug intake, they will feel nauseous, having chills, and very nervous. 

The only way to feel better is to take the heroin again.

There you go, these are the 5 substance usage that will ruin your life. 

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