5 Things People Ask About Urine Drug Test Kit Pharmacy

March 24, 2022

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This article will discuss about the 5 things that people frequently ask about urine drug test kit pharmacy.
What is a criteria of a good employee in any company? Firstly, they should be loyal to the company. The second part is the employee should give a 100% on their work rate during office time. Third is they are not under any illegal substance use.
Why? Because a person who is using illegal drugs may behave differently and also may affect their work rate. When this situation happens, they will bound to make multiple errors that might affect the company in the long run.
Thus, it is important that the owner or the board of directors establish a strict adherence of non-compliance towards any employees who are under influencec of illegal drug substance no matter if the employee is new or old.
So a urine drug test kit pharmacy is needed in order to weed out these employees so that it would not affect your company. However, there are lots of questions arise when we talk about a drug test kit. So, lets find out 5 things people always ask about urine drug test kit pharmacy.

1. How Does it work?

A lot of people still do not know how a urine drug test kit works because they themselves have never experienced it, but the majority of people who have already worked in multiple companies surely has encountered it at least once.
For those who do not know how does it work, the employee will need to urinate in a urine container, seals it using the lid given by the doctor, then given immediately to the doctor so that they can check if the specific chemical is present in your urine.

2.urine drug test kit pharmacy. Do all pharmacies sells it?

Unfortunately, not all pharmacies sells the drug test kit. You need to understand that the privately owned pharmacies will sell things depending on the demand. Imagine yourself as an owner of a pharmacy.
If you are a pharmacy owner, will you stock lots of drug self test kits? Absolutely not, because the demand for it is not that high. Only few companies in Malaysia provide these drug test kits.

3. How long can the result be shown?

The result times may vary depending on the brand of product, the type of test being performed (eg: urine, blood, hair). However, a drug test result will usually take around 24 to 48 hours.

4. Is the result always accurate?

The result times may vary depending on the brand of product, the type of test being performed (eg: urine, blood, hair). However, a drug test result will usually take around 24 to 48 hours.
Unfortunately, it is not 100 percent accurate because there are certain factors that will lead to a false result. A research from National Library Of Medicine says that the result may appear inaccurate if the person being tested on cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana consumes a lot of zinc sulfate could conceal the presence of these type of drugs in the urine.

5. Can it test all types of drugs?

For your information, a drug test kit cannot test all kinds of drugs. It can only test the drugs that is covered in the package. For example, Acro Biotech, which is a California-based manufacturer of rapid tests have 4 types of drug test kits.
One of their products are 3 in 1 drug test kit. It only covers specific types of drugs which are marijuana, metamphetamine, and morphine. However, if you want to test many other types of drugs as well, you could purchase Acro 6 in 1 drug test kit.

So, where can you obtain this product since not many pharmacies provide this drug test kit? No worries, you can purchase Acro Biotech’s drug test kit by clicking on this link.