Know These 7 Most Important Items in Your First Aid Kit Box

December 12, 2022

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When you build your own family, their safety will always be your number one priority. If something bad happens to them, you will surely be devastated by it and you will do anything to prevent that.

Toddlers are the ones who have the highest risk of getting injured at home. Thus, you need to make sure to have a first aid kit box close by.

Important Items in First Aid Kit Box

first aid kit box

There are lots of advantages when you have one as it could help to reduce the gap before a medical professionals can treat them properly.

It also helps to reduce the chance of getting infections, as well as reducing the recovery time and saving lives in times of a grave injury.

As you can see there are many more other advantages of having a first aid kit box nearby you, but do you know which items are crucial? Know these 7 most important items to have in your first aid kit box.

1. Gauze Pads

A Gauze Pad is a thin, translucent fabric that is used mainly as a tool to attach to other wounds in order to support as well as filling wound cavities. Usually people will purchase a 4 layer gauze. It is only 4 layers of gauze attached together.

However, a gauze pad is only recommended when the patient is suffering from light to moderately draining wounds. When the gauze is attached to the wound for a long time, it may attached to wound tissue, and need to  use moistening adherent dressings to remove it.

2. Bandages

first aid kit box

Bandages are one of the most common medical tools. It consists of a strip of fabric which is used for covering and binding up open wounds that may cause bigger harm towards the patient.

There are three commonly used types of bandages that you need to know before you want to buy one. The types are roller bandages, tubular bandages and triangular bandages.

Roller bandages consist of long strips of material and can be used for wound compression, while tubular bandages are used on fingers and toe injury. Triangular bandages are used as slings.

3. Tweezers

Another tool that you need to have in your first aid kit box is a set of tweezers. Tweezers are small hand tools which are used for grasping small objects such as splinters.

4. Scissors

What use is a bandage if there are no scissors to cut it? A scissor seems insignificant, but it is actually a very important tool that needs to be present in your first aid kit box.

If you do not have a scissor in your first aid kit box, you should at least have a sharp object such as a pocket knife to do the job. You should also know the important locations to place your first aid kit box

5. Gloves

first aid kit box

Whenever we talk about gloves for medical use, we do not use regular gloves. We use disposable sterile gloves which serves as a protection from cross-contamination for the caregivers and the patient.

6. Cleansing Wipes

Whenever a person suffers from any kind of wounds whether it is a small or a big cut, an alcohol free cleansing wipes are important in order to avoid the patient from any unwanted infections.

7. Painkillers

first aid kit box

A painkiller is very helpful for the patient if he/she could not handle the pain. Beside painkillers, you should also have a paracetamol for children as well as an aspirin (not to be given to children under 16).

Those are the 7 most important tools for your first aid kit box. If you are looking to stock up some medical supplies for your first aid kit box, you can contact us for more information.